Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007

Happy German-American Day!

Der heutige Tag markiert in den USA den "German-American Day"! Jedes Jahr erklärt der US-Präsident per Proklamation den 6. Oktober zu einem Tag, der Amerikanern deutscher Herkunft (ein paar Verwandte und Bekannte dieses Blogs gehören auch dazu) und der deutsch-amerikanischen Freundschaft gewidmet ist.

Aus der diesjährigen Proklamation George Bushs:

"Generations of German Americans have helped shape our national culture and advance our legacy of freedom. On German-American Day, we recognize the many contributions that Americans of German descent have made to our vibrant country.
German immigrants, in search of a brighter future, were among the first pioneers to settle in Jamestown. Since then, German Americans have influenced our society in all walks of life and helped expand our democratic heritage and our deeply held belief in individual liberty. The leadership and strong spirit of German Americans have helped shape our country and advance the great blessings of our Nation.
German-American Day is also an opportunity to honor the strong ties between the United States and Germany and to celebrate our friendship. On this day, we underscore our commitment to working together to promote peace and making the world a more hopeful place."

Happy German-American Day!

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