Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Goodbye (Teil 14)

Diesmal gibt es einige Zitate über Bush, die dieser Blog in den letzten Jahren so aufgeschnappt hat:

"This is an administration and a president that are like the Marines - they're used to taking the beach, they're used to getting shelled. But they dig in and they do their jobs. I've never seen the president burdened by the presidency. He's built to deal with really big events. It's in his DNA."
(Mark McKinnon, ehemaliger Berater Bushs)

"On January 20th, 2009, President Bush will leave office, and likely never give you critics a thought for the rest of his life - he will have done the best he could to do what he thought was right, and that is all a man can ever really do. You critics just don't understand the man, because your leaders sway to and fro on the winds of fads and the passions of the moment. And you, too, don't have the hard center that President Bush has - the conviction that some things are right, some things wrong, and you try to do the right thing even if it is very unpopular and will cost you heavily."
(Mark Noonan, Blogs For Bush)

"Our conscience and our heart."
(Reverend Paul H. Britton über Bush am 5. Jahrestag von 9/11)

"He has made it his life's work to carry on the memory of those who were killed that day."
(Fox News Moderator Bill Hemmer über Bush und den 11. September)

"Democrats can't stand President Bush, that's why I love him so much."
(Trent Lott)

"Let me tell you something, this is going to surprise you: I think he's an affable young man. Some years ago when his father was president he stopped me in the airport and said: 'Aren't you Reverend Joseph Lowery?' I said yes. I didn't know who he was. I looked into his face. The minute I saw him, I knew who he was. He's an affable fellow."
(Joseph Lowery, Gegner von Bushs Politik, in einem Interview)

"According to the New York Time's own editorial page declaring that the war is lost contributes to the sense among insurgents that they almost have this thing won. If they can only get Bush out of the way. He still worries them because he will send armies to kill them."

"Every time he comes somewhere he always thanks us for doing a great job. I don't ever think I've heard anyone telling him thanks for his part in the global war on terrorism."
(Staff Sgt. Daniel Metzdorf über Bush)

"One thing I admire about [Bush] is that he does stand behind what he presents and believes passionately in what he is doing and believes it to be in the best interest of the country. That's calles 'character'."
(Von Blogs For Bush)

"Mr. President, when I saw you on television I thought, 'God wanted you there'."
(Redenschreiber Mike Gerson nach dessen Rede vor dem Kongress am 20.9.01. Bushs Antwort: "He wants us all here, Gerson.")

"Wenn George W. Bush mit jedem Amerikaner 25 Minuten plaudern könnte, so wie er es heute mit mir und fünf anderen Kerlen getan hat, dann würde er jede Wahl erdrutschartig gewinnen."
(Verleger Rex Hammock nach einer Audienz im Weißen Haus)

"Winning the war on terror demands a president who is willing to fight it."
(Kommentator auf CNN)

"Er wird in die Geschichte eingehen als der Präsident, der Fakten schuf und handelte, während andere nur betreten daneben standen und ihrer Empörung freien Lauf ließen. Über die wird keiner mehr reden."
(Kommentar bei Politically Incorrect)

"George W. Bush - An American Revolutionary"
(Das Time Magazin in der Ausgabe, in der George Bush zur Person of the Year 2004 gemacht wurde)

"I believe George W. Bush is a man of character - decent, fair-minded, gracious, even-tempered, reliabel, resolute, principled. It may make him a great leader. And one day, probably decades from now, we'll know for certain."
(Fred Barnes in seinem Buch "Rebel-in-Chief")

"President Bush operates in Washington like the head of a small occupying army of insurgents, an elected band of brothers (and quite a few sisters) on a mission. He's an alien in the realm of the governing class, given a green card by voters. He's a different kind of president in style and substance."
(Fred Barnes in seinem Buch "Rebel-in-Chief")

Und zum Schluss etwas, was auch dieser Blog zum Teil von sich sagen kann:
"For this blog at least, he was the inspiration, the muse, the reason, the constant, the consternation, the merriment, and always - the job."
(Julie Mason, Korrespondentin im Weißen Haus für den Houston Chronicle im letzten Post ihres Blogs)

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